TORONTO, February 14, 2013 /CNW/ – The Hon. Jerry S. Grafstein, Q.C., Co-Founder and Chair, announced the launch of Fashion News Cloud (http://www.fashionnewscloud.com) – a premier provider of in-depth news from all corners of the fashion world.

“Fashion News Cloud,” said Grafstein, “provides comprehensive coverage of the fashion world from every aspect.  We curate microbloggers and mainstream media, breaking news as it happens.”

“In one glance, the visitor gets news from the fashion world.”

“This is instant news about fashion,” said Grafstein. “Fashion News Cloud uses innovative technology to gather the diversity of the blogosphere, social networks and mainstream media, into coherent, timely news and information coverage about all aspects of this era of fashion.”

“Our goal is to keep our viewers informed on the evolving global scene about fashion, on a timely basis from the inside out,” said Adam Miron, President and Co-Founder. “The world is interested in fashion and we have created a way to provide waves of news that is constantly updated.  Fashionnewscloud.com is a new resource to access all facets affecting fashion worldwide.”

Special editions reflect all aspects of life in fashion including trends, runways, business, accessories, kids, men, models in Hollywood, Bollywood, Asia, Africa Russia, and South America.

Fashionnewscloud.com is a new, timely, in-depth, news resource for fashion experts, fashionistas and the public.

Fashionnewscloud.com, a division of News Cloud Overseas Corp.

Fashion News Cloud (http://www.fashionnewscloude.com), worldwide, joins Africa News Cloud (http://www.africanewscloud.com), the African Union, Brazil News Cloud (http://www.brazilnewscloud.com), Brazil and major neighbours, Russia News Cloud, (http://russianewscloud.com), Russia and its major neighbours, India News Cloud, (http://indianewscloud.com), India and region, China News Cloud (http://chinanewscloud.com), China and region, Wellington Street Post (http://www.wellingtonstpost.com), Ottawa, Canada, Penn Ave Post (http://www.pennavepost.com), Washington, D.C., and Holly Post (http://www.hollypost.com), Hollywood, California, in an ever-expanding network of online 24/7 global news sites.


Website: http://www.fashionnewscloud.com

Twitter: @fashionnewscloud



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