Best & worst dressed: NZ Fashion Week 2016

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5 Easy Tricks For Securing a Bun Cuff to Your Hair for a Stylish Look

Here is a great DIY that gives you another great alternative use for those well-loved, stylish cuffs you have tucked away in your jewelry box. Those lovely metallic bands that adorned your arms until now have found a new purpose, and you’ll never believe it’s the next best thing to hit your hair this summer — bun cuffs! Get your Bun Cuffs Ready If you’re planning on a single bun, you only need to do the following tips to getting a bun cuff that’s uniquely yours once but, if you’re setting out to do a double bun, repeat the steps. Style No. 1: The Metallic Bun Cu...


Making Food for a Man Will Not Get You Laid or Engaged

Every once in a while, I’ll be lost in a reverie and then suddenly struck with the haunting realization that Engagement Chicken is a concept that exists in the world. For the uninitiated — you pure, unburdened souls — Engagement Chicken is a basic roasted chicken recipe popularized by Glamour ... More » ...

3 Doors Down Guitarist Dies at 38

Matt Roberts, the lead guitarist for 3 Doors Down from the group's founding in 1996 until he left for health reasons in 2012, was found dead...


Use Your Financial Aid to Study Abroad

Many students don't realize that financial aid can help pay for study abroad. Pell Grants, Stafford Loans and PLUS loans can apply to your IFSA-Butler program. College grants and scholarships,... College Study Abroad news from IFSA-Butler that covers our programs, travel safety, deadlines, service and more. ...



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